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Winner Expat Entrepreneur Award 2014

BNOW and The BigChilli Magazine Thailand awards: WINNER of the property category Thailand!
SERIAL entrepreneur Cees has been living and working in Thailand since 1997. He set up Town & Country Property in Pattaya eleven years ago and has since then steered it to become one of the city’s leading realtors specializing in property on the Eastern Seaboard. Altruistic to the core, Cees is passionate about raising funds for impoverished children and, through his popular monthly networking group, Movers & Shakers (which he founded in 2009), has raised millions of baht for children’s charities in Thailand.

Investing in Thailand

Hello, my name is Cees Cuijpers, I am from Holland and I’m the Managing director of Town & Country Property, one of the leading real estate brokers in Pattaya, Thailand. Our company has been based in Thailand for quite a long time. I have been in business since 1997. A permanent residence of Thailand in Pattaya city. I know this city very well. Of course, I have to, because I’m a broker. Living in Thailand is a niche that is very difficult to find for me back in Europe. I traveled the world and the first time when I came to Thailand I fell in love with it, it’s not just the climate, friendly people, safe environment, but it’s the lifestyle in general and that’s the reason why I started my business here in Thailand. And soon it turned into property investments. I’m looking at properties. Properties well built, nice designs, good quality, are relatively only a fraction of what you would normally pay in your own home country.

With the growth of Thailand, with the growth of Pattaya city as such because it’s a very popular tourist destination. Your Pattaya property investment multiplies in value. I can’t read tomorrow’s newspaper, but if I look back over the shoulders a lot of properties just over the last 5 years doubled in value. If you use an experienced broker to purchase and select a property that will suit you whether it’s a condo or a house, you’ll probably end up with a very good purchase. And a very good purchase, the right property, and its right location, those are the properties that are making money in the future and we’re talking about capital growth.

If you ever decide to sell a property that is in a preferred location normally you would never really have to wait for a long time before that property is sold.

Now if you would consider, just like me to invest in a property, in a lifestyle, in living in Thailand. Please let me know we will sit down and I will help you to make the right choice, thank you.

Why use a broker

Hello, my name is Cees Cuijpers, I am Managing Partner of Town & Country Property. Town & Country Property. It is one of the leading brokers on the eastern seaboard of Thailand. We are based in Pattaya and I’ve been in business here in Thailand since 1997.

You can consider a real estate broker as your insurance for your car or motorbike. We cover basically everything you need when you are looking to invest in a property. Whether it is a property for your own private use or investment. The broker specializes in a market segment in our case, Pattaya, and is totally focused on every property which is available on the market whether it’s a condo, a house, or a partial of land, or even commercial properties.

As a broker, we understand the market very well. We know the preferred locations, we know where your children can go to school. We are your adviser, your middle man. Basically what we do is any inquiry, for every client that we have we will match them with the property of his or her interests.

We also know the good deals on the market; for example when someone needs to sell quickly. Another thing is that if you are talking about a brand new property; for example, an off-plan condo. The project seller might tell you that the best two bedrooms units are already taken. But if you work with the broker, the broker might have some resales available, the best floor with the best view, and possibly at the best price.

So my advice is whenever you consider investing in a property here in Thailand, specifically in Pattaya city. Please come and have a chat with us, it would be our pleasure to help, thank you.

Buy To Let Investments

Hello, my name is Cees Cuijpers, I am Managing Partner of Town & Country Property. Town & Country Property is based in Pattaya City in Thailand. We’re in business since 1997. Today I would like to talk to you about Buy to Let properties. Have you ever considered that perhaps that might be a good investment? In the years that we have been in business here in Thailand, we have a lot of properties in our portfolio, not just properties for sale but also a lot of rental properties.

A lot of our clients, our tenants, are corporate clients so they will let a property for a long term, one year, two years, three years. Pattaya is based in the province of Chonburi and we are neighbouring Laem Chabang which is Thailand’s biggest deep seaport. Luckily not visible but in the province of Chonburi, there is also the most prominent industrial estates. Now a lot of people working on those industrial estates, they all need a property to live in and their focal point is mainly on the city of Pattaya because Pattaya with great infrastructure, not far from Thailand’s capital, Bangkok is a great city to live therefore a lot of our clients decide to search and find a nice house or a nice condo to live in for a number of years.

These rental clients are very good tenants in general. Because the companies are paying for all their expenses there is no grief of headache about service because if you used the service of a broker in the first instance to purchase a property they were able to probably link you up with a good tenant that will be living in the property for a longer-term. The average returns on a rental property in Asia and specifically here in Pattaya are quite good. They fetch an average between 6, 8, and sometimes up to 10% net returns which give you a great return on investment.

If you want to know more about how to purchase a buy-to-let property or which property you should select, the one that ticks most of the boxes for tenants that are looking for them, please let me know. I’m happy to help you. Thank you.

Spotlight Interview with Cees Cuijpers

Movers & Shakers Lifestyle. Spotlight Interview with Cees Cuijpers – Founder of Movers & Shakers. Filmed at the Anantara Riverside Resort and Spa, Bangkok on June 29th, 2012. Presented by Paul Strachan of Azure Studios. Filmed & produced by

Cees Cuijpers, Town & Country Property

What’s your property investment profile?

Thailand real estate: What kind of an investor are you? Cees Cuijpers of Town & Country Properties Pattaya breaks down what approach works best.

Impulse Thailand – Networking as a Group

Anyone who does business in Thailand or is looking to make new friends knows the importance of networking. Cees Cuijpers is one of Thailand’s networking gurus. From an annual card-swapping event in the coastal city of Pattaya he branched out to create the now well-known Movers & Shakers networking events, held at a different 5 Star Hotel every month in Bangkok.


Good Morning Pattaya April 23, 2014 Cees Cuijpers, Town & Country Property

Cees Cuijpers Interview Movers & Shakers at St Regis, March 2012

Cees Cuijpers Organizer of M&S & CEO of Town & Country Property, Pattaya interview produced by with Paul Strachan of Azure Studios at the Moves & Shakers march 2012 networking evening at the St Regis hotel, Bangkok.

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