Our entire team is dedicated to a single mission – meeting our customer’s needs.
We provide the best customer service humanly possible. Always with a smile.
With over 100 years combined experience across residential and commercial property here in Thailand (Pattaya – Jomtien) we have a deep market knowledge which allows us to select the best deals for our clients.
Even more powerful than knowledge is understanding.
Our dream-team puts both into practice.

Read what our clients have to say:

KC | Director

All round entrepreneur with a history in hospitality and logistics started his Thailand career in 1997. Heading the company with a sheer passion as driven by: Teamwork, results and achievements. Known for his networking and weak-spot for children-charities. KC’s cooking aspirations on display every Sunday at home.

[email protected]
+66(0)86 666 7238

HERMAN | Director

With only 40+ years of experience in real estate worldwide, Belgium Herman is still a freshman at T&C. Buddy of KC and a disturbing energy to do the right thing. Questions or advice? Ask Herman.

 [email protected]
+66(0)81 745 9053

SAAM | Senior Property Consultant

The best karaoke singer on our staff parties: Miss Urairat (Khun Saam). Bubbly, welcoming, and fashionable personality. Very knowledgeable with many years of experience within the company. All-round sales driven and a proud mum of a little monkey.

 [email protected]
 +66(0)95 041 9922
LINE: saam6425

NANA | Property consultant

From scruffy audit books, ISO 9001 standards, and dusty factories, to a shining & rising star in the property industry. Hard worker with a passion for English language which is improving day by day.
In a restaurant she prefers a nice juicy steak, rather than a plate with veggies. Nana is always available and not one single request is too much to ask.

 [email protected]
+66(0)83 110 6795
LINE: nanatowncountry

PATTIE | Property consultant

Born and raised in Pattaya, Pattie knows her way around town.
And that’s handy, least to say, when you are dealing with clients that are new to town.
Apart from seafood, Pattie loves to please people and will move mountains until her clients are perfectly satisfied. Pattie doesn’t like the property industry: She LOVES it.

 [email protected]
+66(0)81 664 6056
LINE: ms.rujiwan

PIM | Sales & Marketing Executive

From wholesale retail business to micromanagement in real estate.
Originated in the beautiful northern Thailand province Lampang, Pim decided to move to Pattaya to try her luck closer to the sea and fresh breeze. An active lady with many hobbies like swimming, tennis and savoring fresh seafood. Passionate to interact with people, Pim feels “on the spot” to manage our portfolio with property listings.

[email protected]
LINE: towncountryproperty

DAENG | Administrative Assistant

Lovely smile and always helpful ‘our’ Daeng which means “red” in Thai. She loves queuing at the bank and post-office – NOT. Surprisingly fast on her motorbike cruising all over Pattaya!

[email protected]

JEAB | Accountant

Never a dull moment with Jeab! This friendly – fun loving – facts & figures’ woman loves traveling and music. We heard that she sings as well. But only in the bathroom…

[email protected]

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