Do NOT use a real estate agent in Pattaya!

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We do NOT recommend using a real estate agent in Pattaya!

Why would you?

If you want to let or sell your property it is much easier to advertise it on several (classified-) websites; post announcements on memo-boards as you will find them at places like Foodland; Friendship; Big-C Extra; Tops and Best Supermarket. Of course, everyone would know of a workshop where you can make a banner or signboard… Just stick it on the gate and you are done!

Buyers and tenants are easy to find!

Plus: Saving 5% sales commission or 1-month rent on a years’ rental term is a quick earner!

And buyers or tenants ALL know that it is much cheaper to deal directly with the owner!

For contracting and other paperwork, you can always rely on your (Thai-) family or friends or even a lawyer, when needed.

If anything goes wrong you just go to local police if the issues escalate: Easy and efficient.

As for buyers and tenants: More or less the same thing!

Spend some time driving around in the area that you like; see if there are some signboards posted and start your property hunt from there! Or – visit one of the many project sales offices and select what the project developer (still-) has to offer!

The alternative of dealing with agencies in town is dreadful.

All money-vultures with a lack of any professional integrity… Only in the game of earning a quick buck and run. Engaging an agent will only cost you much more because these rats only work for money.

And if you ever NEED them they are nowhere to be found or likely ‘gone with the wind’.

Don’t they?

You are absolutely right!

ONLY in an “ideal world”, you will find dedicated professionals that understand YOU (in the 1st place) AND have deep knowledge and understanding of the local property market.

Good insights and background information with the do’s and don’ts.

They would have information about future developments in the area of your interest.  What will be the effect of a motorway that’s coming near you? Or a new shopping mall; a hospital; an International school?

People, that know what real good deals are and often have those in their portfolio (why would they list bad deals)? Dream agents are able to offer resale properties whereas a developer would say they are “All gone” and try to satisfy you with less desirable left-overs.

It is almost unimaginable that you would come across a real estate professional who shows you BETTER properties than the one you were looking for.

Who even tells you where the nicest restaurants are nearby and what their house specialty is.

It would be silly to assume that realtors (that are dealing with properties every day) are able to construct better deals than you are by yourself…

Why would a real-estate professional know more of the potential loopholes you need to worry about than your neighbor does? Or what the pros and cons are of either buying or renting?

Who tells you what and when is the best moment to invest…or not.

No. Let’s be realistic. Those dream agencies with track records and many years of reputable experience are still to be born.

Or perhaps not?

As one of Pattaya’s leading realtors, our management has been active for some 20 years in and around Pattaya city. If you want to meet for some advice or suggestions; why don’t you talk with us?

We will always have time for you! Come and visit us!

Author: Mr. KC Cuijpers
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