Do NOT use a real estate agent in Pattaya!

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We do NOT recommend using a real estate agent in Pattaya!

Why would you?

If you want to let or sell your property it is much easier to advertise it on several (classified-) websites; post announcements on memo-boards as you will find them at places like Foodland; Friendship; Big-C Extra; Tops and Best Supermarket. Of course, everyone would know of a workshop where you can make a banner or signboard… Just stick it on the gate and you are done!

Buyers and tenants are easy to find!

Plus: Saving 5% sales commission or 1-month rent on a years’ rental term is a quick earner!

And buyers or tenants ALL know that it is much cheaper to deal directly with the owner!

For contracting and other paperwork, you can always rely on your (Thai-) family or friends or even a lawyer, when needed.

If anything goes wrong you just go to local police if the issues escalate: Easy and efficient.

As for buyers and tenants: More or less the same thing!

Spend some time driving around in the area that you like; see if there are some signboards posted and start your property hunt from there! Or – visit one of the many project sales offices and select what the project developer (still-) has to offer!

The alternative of dealing with agencies in town is dreadful.

All money-vultures with a lack of any professional integrity… Only in the game of earning a quick buck and run. Engaging an agent will only cost you much more because these rats only work for money.

And if you ever NEED them they are nowhere to be found or likely ‘gone with the wind’.

Don’t they?

You are absolutely right!

ONLY in an “ideal world”, you will find dedicated professionals that understand YOU (in the 1st place) AND have deep knowledge and understanding of the local property market.

Good insights and background information with the do’s and don’ts.

They would have information about future developments in the area of your interest.  What will be the effect of a motorway that’s coming near you? Or a new shopping mall; a hospital; an International school?

People, that know what real good deals are and often have those in their portfolio (why would they list bad deals)? Dream agents are able to offer resale properties whereas a developer would say they are “All gone” and try to satisfy you with less desirable left-overs.

It is almost unimaginable that you would come across a real estate professional who shows you BETTER properties than the one you were looking for.

Who even tells you where the nicest restaurants are nearby and what their house specialty is.

It would be silly to assume that realtors (that are dealing with properties every day) are able to construct better deals than you are by yourself…

Why would a real-estate professional know more of the potential loopholes you need to worry about than your neighbor does? Or what the pros and cons are of either buying or renting?

Who tells you what and when is the best moment to invest…or not.

No. Let’s be realistic. Those dream agencies with track records and many years of reputable experience are still to be born.

Or perhaps not?

As one of Pattaya’s leading realtors, our management has been active for some 20 years in and around Pattaya city. If you want to meet for some advice or suggestions; why don’t you talk with us?

We will always have time for you! Come and visit us!

Author: Mr. KC Cuijpers
For more information: Please contact Town & Country Property –[email protected]
People who care. Places that matter.

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6 thoughts on “Do NOT use a real estate agent in Pattaya!”

  • Layla

    Just read your article here Mr KC!
    The title is not correct! Everyone should use the services of a real estate agent!
    Not only in Pattaya probably. I remember when Rainer and I were looking for a house for sale.
    Rainer spent near a month looking for a suitable property. Our ideal home would be located not too far from Pattaya city but in a more quiet area. 3-4 bedrooms with a private pool.
    Budget 6 million. Oh my God, we wasted so much time cruising around in a city that we are not familiar with…
    I think we met with at least 5-6 house owners, only 3 of them spoke English.
    None of them actually offered what we wanted, so we decided to check out some property agencies in Pattaya. Well, that wasn’t very successful either – 7 out of 10 never even responded to us!
    Just want to let you know we are still very grateful that we met with you and your company KC.
    At least you took a lot of time for us and introduced us to our dream home.
    From that moment onwards everything went really smoothly. The whole process of buying seemed much easier than we thought. And thanks for your negotiating skills, we paid the best price as well.
    Rainer and I recommend using your real estate company to all of our friends.
    On another note: Also many thanks for your advice regarding schools.
    Carla and Johan both enjoy Phoenix school very much.
    So: You MUST use the services of a real estate agency, especially if they are so professional as Town & Country Property. Greeting from us KC!


      Hello Layla & Rainer – many thanks for your kind feedback. Much appreciated.
      It all looked very easy back then – but it took me some time to convince Rainer that a bungalow-style home would be more suitable than the two-story pool-villa he fell in love with.
      Glad I did, remember? We had a look at few more properties in East Pattaya and Huay Yai – but finally decided to go for Greenfield. I am glad we did.
      Turned out to be the right choice. A family-friendly gated community with good security and excellent facilities. Perfect location as well.
      Say hi to the kids! My son Chester also enjoyed his time at Phoenix school. Meanwhile (time flies) he has grown up to be a real teenager… (headache…lol)
      Will we catch up again soon?

  • Jacob

    Maybe not relevant, just a question. My rental contract here in Bang Saray is about to expire. Our landlord doesn’t want to extend unless we pay 30% more per month. Can he just do that?


      Hi Jacob, sorry to hear about this. Your rental agreement stipulates renewal clauses if any.
      In the template lease agreements that we are using for houses and condos for rent, we normally discuss these “renewals” beforehand with both parties (landlord – tenants) to avoid any disappointment in the future.
      Did you use the service of a good real estate agent when you signed up?
      In your case: Unfortunately, if there is no other arrangement made, your landlord can basically “do what he wants” when the contract expires.

  • Harper

    We also thought we could best buy directly from a project – to get the best deal.
    So, we bought a 1-bedroom apartment at Northpoint. The 2-bedroom units were sold out according to the salesperson from the project. Oh my God…
    I guess she was telling the truth, but later we found a nice two-bedroom corner unit advertised by a local agency and so I made an inquiry. The apartment was brand-new (never lived in) and had an awesome view (24th floor – corner unit – bldg A) – and the price…. LOWER than the Raimon Land pricelist! Do you need an agent? Of course, you do!


      Hi Harper, Thanks for your feedback.
      We heard this very often. The project sales team is always focused to sell their OWN inventory, instead of any resale units.
      Therefore you should always check with your real estate agent first.
      The BEST deals on home and condo sales are often kept in the portfolio of an agency!

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