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My dad always used to say: “It doesn’t matter who you know. What matters is who knows you!”
And there is a lot of truth in there…
Town Country Property PATTAYA is very well known on the local Property-Scene.
As one of the oldest realty professionals, Town & Country Property Co., Ltd has always been at the forefront of creating Pattaya into “a better place”.
This starts with YOU of course and your business etiquette in how to professionally operate your property agency.
But there is a lot more to it…
To reach larger audiences you have to be proactive.
At the end of the day, it is a number game with only ‘so many fish in the pond’.
So we became members of several Chambers of Commerce and attended (some of) their networking functions. In support of the good work the Chambers of Commerce entail and to emphasize your own presence, we also sponsored quite a few of these professional gatherings.
This networking works!
Especially on a microscale, it is important to know who the players are and who are not.
Pattaya-city has grown enormously over the years – but the core business league remains merely the same and we are proud members of it!

When I was asked to ‘rescue’ the Lighthouse Club Pattaya (LHC) from sinking by becoming chairman of this charity group; I didn’t have to think very long. With few ample changes, the Lighthouse Club Pattaya suddenly sparked into the Pattaya community of business people.
With monthly networking gatherings held at many of the prestigious hotels in Pattaya, the LHC became a diary-changer for many attendees: THE event not to be missed.
After few months of trial and error, we got the right formula which made the LHC functions far bigger and more dynamic than the regular Chamber events. More fun; more interaction; more entertainment and more women. The counter-parts were attracted by the casual atmosphere of the events and the fact that constant introductions were made ensured everyone that there was never a dull moment!

In 2009 we decided to part from the LHC and introduce an annual gathering to Pattaya under the name of MOVERS & SHAKERS (M&S). At first as a “type of gala” event with a daytime golf-outing followed by an evening “gala” filled with entertainment and shows throughout the night.
A mega success and a ‘bomb’ in the professional scenery of Pattaya city.

Regular get-togethers simply weren’t there and I dare to say that the LHC functions and M&S do’s were the basis of many close friendships and business relationships here in Pattaya.
And not at all only about selling homes and condos. However, with the strong links, we have with most of the successful property developers; M&S was given “wings” to take off…
Decided was to introduce Movers & Shakers to Bangkok.
Some seed sponsors like Kingdom Property; Tulip Group; Heights Holdings; Riviera Group and One-Tower Group have helped tremendously to make Movers & Shakers also a BIG success in Bangkok.

Suddenly we bridged a gap between Bangkok and its little sister Pattaya!

I am quite sure that the M&S Bangkok events made many Bangkokrians reconsider their personal vision of Pattaya as a destination. True or false; but simultaneously renowned Bangkok players like Sansiri, Q-house, LPN, Major Development, and SC Asset to name a few, entered the Pattaya market making Pattaya a destination to be aware of.
Throughout years of pro-active policy; Town Country Property Pattaya has won itself a place under the spotlights. We became the first-ever agent that was chosen to work with Q-House PLC in 30 years; we became preferred agents for companies like KBR Inc, Impex, Brunel, Cardinal Health, and many others.
Our housing project The Meadows was nominated “Best Villa Project Thailand” by Thailand Property Awards and the NTCC (Netherland Thai Chamber of Commerce) awarded us in 2015 as Best SME entrepreneur!

Our biggest accomplishment however is that the approx. 15,000 attendees over 60 events and galas raised over 4 Million Baht in support of local children charities. Many friendships were made. People were connected. People interacted. Team-WORK yourself UP; never look down.

Thailand is a great place to live and to work. Pattaya is special.

When you are considering investing; come over for a coffee and discuss your objectives with one of our specialists. Whether you are looking for personal use or (rental-) returns. Homes or condos.
Let us guide you. Come and visit us!

Author: Mr. KC Cuijpers
For more information: Please contact Town & Country Property – [email protected]

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