Too good to be true – and it usually IS.

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 “Too good to be true deals” are easily recognized (by most) if you suddenly inherit USD$ 30 million, from an uncle you never knew, with a bank account in Burkina Faso…

Great deals in real estate are made daily. No concerns there.
Some sellers are very motivated to sell their home or condo, land, or commercial property.
Guided by gut-feeling or hand-in-hand with a professional agent, the good, the bad, and the ugly deals can be identified.
Why is a seller so motivated to sell quickly? To sell way below market value?
A simple question demands a simple answer.
A divorce case, stressed for money, repatriate back to home country…

There could be other reasons though.
As soon as you “feel” there might be something spooky, immediately raise a red flag.
Buying a property is something most people don’t do very often…
You might be carried away by nerves, excitement, or pressure from your spouse…
Stay cool or, better, always use the services of a professional realtor.
With an experienced real estate expert next to you, “fact-checking” becomes a lot easier.
Most of the possible loopholes are in the details, in the paperwork.
Your trusted broker knows how to check and how to deal with those hurdles.

What if there is more?
Is the seller acting sketchy? Avoiding questions?
Is he putting you off because it feels as if he is hiding something?
Or, perhaps he is talking too much as a secondhand car dealer?

Is there a building permit issued on all relevant renovations?
Are there cosmetic issues with the property? Does the property look like a fixer-upper?

Why is the price so low? Are there issues with the neighborhood?
Any safety issues in a not-so-great area? Burglary perhaps?
Or maybe “bad-karma”, whatever happened in this property?

Having a “great deal” is wonderful!
When it is “too good to be true”, you may not have a deal on your hands.

With near 20 years of experience in the Pattaya property market, Town & Country Property successfully closed a lot of good deals.
But we also declined a few, for various options. For those, our clients are still grateful that we did.

Buying a good property at a great price? Work with us.
Town & Country Property – your award-winning specialist on the Eastern Seaboard.
Author: Mr. KC Cuijpers

For more information: Please contact Town & Country Property[email protected]

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