The BigChilli February 2021

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2 thoughts on “The BigChilli February 2021”

  • Amelia

    Hello Mr Pattaya – I read this article as I found a Big Chilli magazine on the coffee table at the Royal Varuna Yacht club in Cosy beach where my husband and I are long time members.
    Interesting read. Congratulations. Not just being a top realtor in Pattaya but also congratz on your Movers & Shakers networking events. As soon as they resume again, after Covid, I will attend one in Bangkok (we live in Bangkok)…


      Hi Amelia – many thanks for your kind feedback.
      “Mr. Pattaya”… lol – not really, but Pattaya is my home and I live here for a long time.
      Being in real estate (and a workaholic control freak) I go around and I am always happy to share my experiences.
      Many people know me for that and I know many people, so Movers & Shakers was almost a logical step.
      Started in 2009, more or less as a tryout, and it almost became too big. 64 events – 4+ million for charity.
      Not a bad track record.
      We’ll be back after Covid if there are still sponsors around…

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