Is everything in Pattaya for SALE?

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Pattaya is a ‘blooming’ city at least to say…

Over the last decade, we have seen the city growing and growing.

Every “Soi” (street) you turn in, you will find some form of construction in progress: A bigger or smaller renovation of an older building, road improvements, or sometimes a brand-new project “under-construction”. This has been ongoing for several years now and it doesn’t seem to stop.
Curious readers of Lifestyle by the Sea, with an interest in the property market, have asked me to gather some opinions with regards to these activities of local developers and how it affects the property outlook for the following years.

I met with the Managing Director of Town & Country Property, Mr. Cees Cuijpers, one of Pattaya’s leading realtors. I also did some ‘homework’ and visited a great number of websites ‘online’ to see what Pattaya has to offer…. I was surprised. It looks like Pattaya started “Grand-Sale” and everything you see is available for sale or rent!

Cees smiled when he was confronted with my opinion.
“The situation here in Thailand is different from many other countries in the world”, so he explained.
If you own a property in Thailand and you wish to sell or let; you are able to “list” your property with multiple agents.
“In Holland, where I come from, you would normally only work with 1 agent”, Cees told us.
The same policy applies if you are looking to buy or rent a property: You can contact several agents in town and appoint all of them with your individual inquiry. Soon you will find out that all properties you see advertised or the ones exposed on any of the websites
“online” are listed with more than 1 agent.
Therefore is SEEMS that the whole of Pattaya is for sale!
But if you look closer, you will find that it is often the SAME property that keeps appearing in various media.
So Lifestyle by the Sea advises to you using just only 1 dedicated professional broker if you want to buy or rent a property here in Pattaya. If this agent fully understands your needs and has a good portfolio of properties listed; you will always find what you are looking for. Without wasting your time.

We also asked Cuijpers about his property outlook for the next coming few years.
He told us that it is difficult to “read tomorrow’s newspaper”, but his expectations are still very positive. One would expect that the worldwide economy is not working in our favor: Owning a property in Thailand is still considered as a “luxury commodity” and these types of ‘luxury goods’ are usually the first to fade when the economic circumstances are on their way down…
Yet, if you compare the costs of living in your home country with Thailand, it is no surprise that many foreigners prefer sunny beaches here in Thailand rather than cold winters in Europe.
In combination with ever-improving infrastructure and facilities (schools, hospitals, sports venues) here in Thailand; I think Thailand grows into becoming a second destination BEST “Home away from Home”…

Cees Cuijpers told Lifestyle by the Sea that interested readers can always contact him at the head office of Town & Country Property located on Pattaya-Tai road (Tel: +66(0)3837-4136) or simply write him an email with any possible query you might have: [email protected]

from: Thai Fokus magazine

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