Pratumnak Hill

Pratumnak Hill or Buddha mountain is considered “Beverly Hills” for many.
Many years went by without any serious developments in that area, right between South Pattaya and Jomtien. When Town & Country Property started in 2003 as one of the pioneers of real estate in Pattaya, being one of longest-standing and most reputable realtors in Pattaya, most of Pratumnak was greenfield. In the past, we have sold many acres of land just before real estate developments started to kick in. Now, Pratumnak is hugely popular and even “trendy”, especially in the Cosy Beach area.

Adjacent to the prestigious Royal Varuna Yacht Club (members only) this area has a string of trendy restaurants that attract go-getters from all over the world and especially Bangkok! They are The Lunar Beach House, 3 Mermaids Café, Forest by the Sky, Chocolate Factory, and The Sky Gallery. Busy at weekends for sure.

On Pratumnak Hill you are able to buy or rent a house or condo at any budget. We have sufficient properties listed that could meet all of your requirements. Living on Pratumnak is quite attractive because you are not feeling you are living in a busy area, while the city vibes are just minutes away. Roads are wide and easily accessible – perhaps because a member of the Thai royal family has a residence on the beach of Pratumnak Hill. It is a safe area, needless to say.

For beach lovers: Come to Pratumnak. Clean water not overcrowded and perhaps one of the best-hidden secrets of Pattaya. (Do not tell anyone!) Our team can tell you more.

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