Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


 Q : How do I transfer funds for a property purchase into Thailand?
 Q : Should I make payments for a property purchase directly to a developer or, preferably, to my agent?
 Q : Can I purchase properties when I am abroad?
 Q : Can a foreigner 'own' properties in Thailand?
 Q : How do I find the property of my dreams in Thailand?
 Q : How do I sell my property?
 Q : Do I need to prepare any documentation to sell my property?
 Q : If I rent a property, are my interests protected by Thai law?
 Q : What is key-money?
 Q : How can I assess the value of my property?
 Q : If I have a problem with my contractor. What can I do?
 Q : How are my interests secured if I buy off-plan?
 Q : Is it complicated to form my own Thai company?
 Q : What is a security deposit and why should I pay it?

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our office. You can call us at: (66-38)-374136 or fax (66-38)-374137 or simply send a direct email with your inquiry.

Our team will be more than happy to assist you with any question you might have.


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